Help - Account


If you only want to browse this site, you do not need to login.

Email: If you want to login using email, then visit the register page.

There you will be asked for your email address and a 'Display Name'. A password reset email will be sent to your address. When you click on that link, it will bring you back to this site to set your password. Once completed you will be able to login with your email and password

Your email address will not be shared, sold or anything stupid like that, and we won't start spamming your email address either.

Facebook: Logging in with Facebook makes the most sense. Initially we only require to read your public information, so we know who you are.

This site will never post to any of your social media accounts, pull additional information or any of that sort of non-sense, without clarifying with you first.
If you're unsure about logging in with Facebook, maybe this article will put you at ease; Is It safe to Login with Facebook?.

Person and profiles

You are a person. Every person has at least one profile, their 'personal' one.
You identify as being a person when you login to the site, then you will have one or more public profile.

Merge accounts

If you want to login as a person, with more than one email address or facebook login, then you can login using one of those methods and merge your accounts.

Merging accounts will combine all profiles into a single person.


1. Register on the website with an email address. This will create 'Personal profile 1'.

2. Register on the website with a Facebook login. This will create 'Personal profile 2'

3. On the settings page, get a 'merge code' for the Facebook login.

4. Login with the email from Step 1.

5. On the settings page, add the 'merge code' and click 'Activate'.

6. Profiles will be copied to the login from Step1.
    You can now login using either the email address or your facebook login to the single account.
    This will work with any facebook and email combinations

Delete profile

If you have more than one 'personal; profile, on the settings page you can delete your additional profiles. You must have at least one personal profile though.

When you delete a profile, all the files associated with that are also deleted. You cannot undo profile deletion.

Multiple profiles

You can have multiple profiles on this site, but you are limited to 40 in total. When you create a new profile (for example, adding a new Artist for your event) initially that profile will be linked to you account.